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HDMI A type F to DP M Adapter

DisplayPort with latch male to HDMI female adapter


1.Converts low- swing AC coupled differential input to HDMI rev 1.3 compliant open- drain current steering Rx terminated differential output.

2.Compliant to VESA interop Guidelines.

3.HDMI level shifting operation up to 2.5Gbps per lane (250 MHz pixel clock)

4.Intergrated 50-ohm termination resistors for AC-coupled differential inputs.

5.Enable / Disable feature to turn off TMDS outputs yo enter low power state.

6.I2 C buffer for ATC DDC Cap test support.

7.Transparent operation :no re-timing or configuration required.

8.Level shifter for HPD single from HDMI connector.

9.Integrated pull-down on HPD_sink “input low” when no display is plugged in.

10.Supports 1080p 60Hz at distance up to 3 meters (length for use).


Electrical Character:

  • Function Test: by PC and monitor 1920 *1080 60 Hz test pass

    Mechanical Character:

  • length 45mm
  • width 22mm
  • thickness 12.7mm
  • weight 16.1g