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ATA 66 Ultra DMA Connectors / 6E Series

Mating 0.635mm I.D.C Socket Connector (ATA66)
  • 0.100" x 0.100" socket conforms to SFF-8049 ATA specifications.
  • Ideally applicable for 0.635mm (0.025") centerline of AWG 30 ribbon cable.
  • An internal ground bus reduces noise at high transmission speeds.
  • Strain relief and center polarization on connectors are optional objects.
  • Pre-assembled cable so easy to assembly.
  • Insulator is made of polyester resin and glass fiber reinforced (UL 94V-0) providing superior heat and chemical resistance.

  • Current Rating:
    • Signal contact: 0.5 Amp
    • Ground bus: 3.5 Amp
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage: AC 250V min. (for 1 minute)
  • Insulation Resistance: 500M ohms min. (at 250V DC)
  • Contact Resistance: 35m ohms max. mated
  • Operating Temperature: -25ºC ~ +85ºC

  • Insulator Material: PBT and glass fiber reinforced (UL 94V-0).
  • Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze.
  • Ground Bus Material: Phosphor Bronze.
  • Wire Size: AWG 30 stranded, 0.635mm conductor center ribbon cable.
  • Durability: 100 cycles
  • Mating and Unmating Force:
    • Mating force (gf max): 163 (5.75oz) per contact.
    • Unmating force (kgf min.) 20 (0.70oz) per contact.
  • Mating Pin Size:
    • 5.08mm(0.20") to 6.35mm (0.25") length of 0.64mm (0.025") square or round pin.